Birthday Card

Jan 31, 2015

A birthday card for a friend. This is her dog, Frankie, who was adopted from the shelter. Sometimes, he sports a mohawk. 

A Quick Hello!

Sep 20, 2014

(1) A drawing I made for my younger brother. He loves lions, and bible scripture. Drawn with pencil & Faber-Castell pens.

(2) One of three felted wool balls that work really well as clothes softeners in the dryer! You can also do away with dryer sheets with fabric pouches filled with dried herbs. 

Lots of life happenings since spring that include buying a home (!! YES!), getting TWO new jobs, and starting my first day in an amazing Western Herbal School program. All sprinkled with love from friends and family. I'm a happy, blessed gal. 

I would describe my summer as restorative, yet invigorating. How did your summer go? 

Mushroom Dyes

Jun 12, 2014

Last December I took a class on how to extract color to dye fiber from mushrooms – it was incredible! The colors of this little knitted mountain man above were entirely procured from fungi.

If you come across the opportunity to take a class with Alissa Allen, GO FOR IT. She is a wonderful teacher, and is so so sweet.  Unfortunately, our terrible drought situation hasn't encouraged fungi to sprout. Of course, my concerns about the drought don't have anything to do with mushroom dyeing.
I've updated my blog layout again; what do you think? 
I also opened an Instagram account, and it's only filled with photos of Moses! Isn't he adorable?
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