Meet the Pets – Part I


My boyfriend is only mildly allergic to cats, with the exception of spring season, when his reactions astronomically worsen. Aside from red, watery eyes and a runny nose, his most unbearable symptom is dry and caked lips. It’s truly awful and lasts for days, sometimes taking a few weeks to disappear.

I had to say “see ya later” to my cat Gizmo, pet of five years, because she went to live with my brother in San Jose (thanks for taking her, bro!).
Of course I had to fill my acute void of cat ownership. Enter the hypoallergenic cat: SiberianForest Cat. No, this is no GMO-kitty (my friend joked). They’re actually a pretty old breed, heritage almost, like with tomatoes, y’know.

Moses, who is named after American painter Grandma Moses, cost us many pretty pennies. 
He’s everything I could ever ask of a feline: unlimited hugging, seeks affection yet can play independently, and is fluffy cute.

10 Weeks Old

No potty training required!

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