Jan 11, 2013

Reminds me of the ocean
Textured ridges, fun to run your spoon across.

Aren’t these bowls lovely? Nope, I didn't make these. An awesome person and/or machine in Japan did.

I recently visited Tokyo Fish Market to replenish our dishes after a few broke (yes, all by themselves, after I carelessly tossed them onto the kitchen tile).

Last night, a good friend and I took a throwing class, as in throwing clay to make pottery. We’re going to return in a few weeks to paint and glaze them. We had such a good time that we bought three more classes! 

All right, here are two pieces I did make. Ready? It was much harder than it looks. Excuse the poor lighting/bad iPhone photos. 

This is a plate, thank you very much.

Fourth piece of the night, kinda getting the hang of it. A cereal bowl.