My Trusty Singer Sewing Machine

The tea canister is where I store discarded threads :)
Base with serial number

In 2011, I was shopping for a sewing machine and wanted something that could easily last an entire generation. Seems like a lot to ask for in this day and age? Definitely.

So, I went back in time and bought a “vintage” Singer model 127 – its entire construction is of wonderful heavy duty metal (e.g. primarily steel and iron).

According to its serial number and manufacture date, it turned 100 years old last year! There’s a long story behind its acquisition that I’ll share another time. I’m a deal hunter, and paid a total of $150 for the machine head and table (separate purchases).

Reasons I’ve loved this machine for the past year and a half:
  • Gorgeous decals. Mine features Egyptian motifs to commemorate the excavations  going on at that time (early 1900’s).
  • Such a simple machine that I can fix myself.
  • Such a well built machine that I probably won’t need to fix often! I keep it well oiled and frequently change needles for smooth sewing. No problems to date.
What about all those fancy stitches that computerized machines can do? I can do a bit of that, too, with the zigzagger and buttonhole attachment that I bought (both around $30 – deal hunt!). It’s become a versatile machine that’s good enough for my household usage.

I also did a couple months’ worth of hunting to find its hand crank. It may seem overkill to have foot and more hand control, but when you’re doing slow sewing, it’s very handy to have both. The hand crank is better than getting my fingers stuck in the hand wheel, which would happen too many unpleasant times.

A year and a half later of owning it, I have to say that it’s been a rewarding experience and I have plenty more to learn. I can’t imagine that I’ll ever “outgrow” this machine.
Oh, and did I mention that it doesn’t require a single volt of electricity? Hooray for pedal power! 

Bobbin winder
Boat shuttle
Spool  rack - it's collapsible! Gift from a friend

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