Feb 15, 2013

Beginning of process - once you get going, it's therapeutic and goes at a steady pace.
I thought I was being clever weighing down the loom with bags of rice (jasmine & glutinous,  if you're asking). Did not work well haha! Tension was off.
Weaving = meditative

I wove a small part of my bonnet – the neck piece. Some photos of the work in progress. Hope everyone had a good Valentine's week :) <3 

Tết - Happy Lunar New Year!

Chrysanthemums are a favored flower for Tết

Vietnamese New Year is today, the biggest holiday of the year for most pretty much all Vietnamese folks wherever they live. :) 

I enjoyed reading about all of the traditions on the Wiki page. My family celebrates with many of them. Some photos below from today's festivities.

*to a non-Vietnamese speaker, Tet sounds like “deht” (I would use the IPA, but most of the particulars of linguistics I studied during college have long whizzed outtah my brain).

On another note, my mom liked my cowl so much that I gave it to her. Time to make another!

Chrysanthemums on display, bought in bulk from Costco haha
I love their feathery petals.
Many plum blossom branches, decorated with the lucky red color!

Elders give children lì xi, money in a red envelope.
Easily two of the cutest members of the family, grandma & cousin. <3
Found it funny that a watermelon was plastered with Tết decor. Text means "Wishing all that you desire comes to fruition"! 
Socks I knit for my mom in December, my first attempt at them. I definitely know why knitters may find socks so intimidating. I had to work through sooo many mistakes. Very gratifying though :)

Feb 16, 2013

My favorite patterns from Brooklyn Tweed’s latest look book – cables and colorwork! Don't those mittens look so cozy? 
See more of their patterns here.

Feb 4, 2013

Our kitten Moses makes his debut as a model for wooden pet tag Etsy shop Mingcreative. I chose his shop because he’s only an hour away, and from my hometown – hooray local! : )

I highly recommend their tags. They’re light and the wood is so attractive. Moses didn’t notice his, until he figured that he could chew on them, uh oh. The good thing is that they are unfinished, so no toxic substances. I’ll put them his on once Moses proves to me that he’s mature enough to wear it! 

Feb 4, 2013

Gingham inner pocket
"Bridge" stitching

Silver and blue contrasting threads

I seldom carry a purse, preferring to jam my pockets or my boyfriend's pockets. ;) However, whether you’re a lad or a lass, sometimes you need somewhere to put your lunch, big DSLR, and/or library books, darnit.

I’ve wanted to make a tote for a long time, and this one took an entire day plus breaks because I was meticulous about each step. Unfortunately, I normally rush through sewing projects, which means lots of mistakes, but plenty of learning opportunities, riiiight? As careful as I was, it still contains little flaws but I am very much at peace with imperfection. 

Gingham scrap fabric
This thread (highly recommended; such great quality)

Pattern: My own

Due to lack of planning, I now have leftover fabric. Oh well, it's always good to have fabric scraps around. One can make something else useful, like a wallet?

Feb 2, 2013

"Sure, these are mine."
"Please make him leave, please?"

Pup settles for the back corner.
Don't worry! No one gets hurt :)

I speculate that kitten Moses will grow to be the alpha pet of the house. He often swaggers into pup’s crate and lays down, sometimes curls around Lucas’ toys, for maximum effect (“I do what I want with YOUR stuff!”). Lucas will then pace in front of the crate, maybe stepping a paw in before deciding it’s not worth the trouble.

Most of the time, he goes in and makes himself "comfortable," crumpling into the smallest dog ball in the corner. 30 minutes later and they will wrestle! The whole ordeal is pretty comical.

*Go here for a clip of the fighting in action! Once again, it looks worse than it actually is. :) They're always supervised when roaming the house, otherwise confined: Lucas to his crate, Moses to the bathroom. 

Feb 2, 2013

Shell button 
One more shot! Oh, those buttons.

My pattern scribbles
First, I would like to thank Anne of The Mitten Project, for featuring my tree mittens! Definitely check out the great mittens that she's whipping up - her goal is to make one for every month of 2013, and the ones accomplished so far are very fun!

- Ticking fabric from seat cushions
- Japanese rabbit fabric from upholstery project
- Organic canvas from ribbon pillow
- Embroidery floss 
- Shell button (taken off a $3 thrifted hopeless black Ann Taylor sweater)
- Blue Japanese bias tape for the button/key ring loops.
Pattern: My own

For over a year, I was using a fish-shaped drawstring pouch as a wallet. Can you imagine how efficient that was? Hah, it wasn’t – I fumbled and shuffled through many cards to find anything.

I scoured the Internets for a few ideas and came up with a pattern to make my own canvas wallet from previous project fabric scraps. Took about a good two hours. Short projects are so gratifying.

I had a blue one like this. Cute, and absolutely impractical as a wallet.