Feb 4, 2013

Gingham inner pocket
"Bridge" stitching

Silver and blue contrasting threads

I seldom carry a purse, preferring to jam my pockets or my boyfriend's pockets. ;) However, whether you’re a lad or a lass, sometimes you need somewhere to put your lunch, big DSLR, and/or library books, darnit.

I’ve wanted to make a tote for a long time, and this one took an entire day plus breaks because I was meticulous about each step. Unfortunately, I normally rush through sewing projects, which means lots of mistakes, but plenty of learning opportunities, riiiight? As careful as I was, it still contains little flaws but I am very much at peace with imperfection. 

Gingham scrap fabric
This thread (highly recommended; such great quality)

Pattern: My own

Due to lack of planning, I now have leftover fabric. Oh well, it's always good to have fabric scraps around. One can make something else useful, like a wallet?