Feb 2, 2013

"Sure, these are mine."
"Please make him leave, please?"

Pup settles for the back corner.
Don't worry! No one gets hurt :)

I speculate that kitten Moses will grow to be the alpha pet of the house. He often swaggers into pup’s crate and lays down, sometimes curls around Lucas’ toys, for maximum effect (“I do what I want with YOUR stuff!”). Lucas will then pace in front of the crate, maybe stepping a paw in before deciding it’s not worth the trouble.

Most of the time, he goes in and makes himself "comfortable," crumpling into the smallest dog ball in the corner. 30 minutes later and they will wrestle! The whole ordeal is pretty comical.

*Go here for a clip of the fighting in action! Once again, it looks worse than it actually is. :) They're always supervised when roaming the house, otherwise confined: Lucas to his crate, Moses to the bathroom.