Feb 2, 2013

Shell button 
One more shot! Oh, those buttons.

My pattern scribbles
First, I would like to thank Anne of The Mitten Project, for featuring my tree mittens! Definitely check out the great mittens that she's whipping up - her goal is to make one for every month of 2013, and the ones accomplished so far are very fun!

- Ticking fabric from seat cushions
- Japanese rabbit fabric from upholstery project
- Organic canvas from ribbon pillow
- Embroidery floss 
- Shell button (taken off a $3 thrifted hopeless black Ann Taylor sweater)
- Blue Japanese bias tape for the button/key ring loops.
Pattern: My own

For over a year, I was using a fish-shaped drawstring pouch as a wallet. Can you imagine how efficient that was? Hah, it wasn’t – I fumbled and shuffled through many cards to find anything.

I scoured the Internets for a few ideas and came up with a pattern to make my own canvas wallet from previous project fabric scraps. Took about a good two hours. Short projects are so gratifying.

I had a blue one like this. Cute, and absolutely impractical as a wallet.