Tết - Happy Lunar New Year!

Chrysanthemums are a favored flower for Tết

Vietnamese New Year is today, the biggest holiday of the year for most pretty much all Vietnamese folks wherever they live. :) 

I enjoyed reading about all of the traditions on the Wiki page. My family celebrates with many of them. Some photos below from today's festivities.

*to a non-Vietnamese speaker, Tet sounds like “deht” (I would use the IPA, but most of the particulars of linguistics I studied during college have long whizzed outtah my brain).

On another note, my mom liked my cowl so much that I gave it to her. Time to make another!

Chrysanthemums on display, bought in bulk from Costco haha
I love their feathery petals.
Many plum blossom branches, decorated with the lucky red color!

Elders give children lì xi, money in a red envelope.
Easily two of the cutest members of the family, grandma & cousin. <3
Found it funny that a watermelon was plastered with Tết decor. Text means "Wishing all that you desire comes to fruition"! 
Socks I knit for my mom in December, my first attempt at them. I definitely know why knitters may find socks so intimidating. I had to work through sooo many mistakes. Very gratifying though :)