March 28, 2013

Sketch of a tiger I was working on today, to flex my drawing muscles. 
Biked past the neighbor’s fence yesterday and spotted all of their blooming nasturtiums.    
Lovely, lovely shades of warm yellows, oranges and reds. I will spare you and show only two photos of the mini bouquet I picked.

Yeah...I really like cats. I swear I draw other animals!

In other news, I’ve picked up some drawing pen nibs and also am trying linoleum block cutting (e.g. stamp making!). The dip pens are to replace my usage of Sakura Microns and Faber Castells. I find that I get a much wider range of line widths with a single nib, and they’re a much more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable pens. I won’t oust disposables altogether because they are convenient in the work place, and when I travel I probably won’t want to bring my ink bottle(s) and nibs along, but for drawing at home I am doing away with the disposables. I attended a conference and heard Beth Terry of My Plastic Free Life, which re-ignited my interest in decreasing the amount of plastics I use and buy. 

March 18, 2013

Louisiana's Brown Pelican & Magnolia

Hawaiian Goose & Hibiscus Flower

Arizona's Cactus Wren and Saguaro 

I really enjoy naturalist artwork of state bird and plant paired together. Mara Murphy and Anna Branning do a lovely job with strong graphics and colors through their prints at dutchdoor. It inspires me to draw and paint!

The print for Hawaii makes me miss my childhood. Hibiscus flowers are like old friends of mine, who I only rarely see in the Bay. Perhaps I should plant some for myself? 

March 15, 2013

Watercolor sketched card 

Simple folded hems
Left the edge so that one may see fabric information.

I visited some dear friends in Napa and promised myself to make them dinner napkins – they’re big practitioners of REUSE. Besides I never got them a housewarming gift since they've moved to that house over a year ago!

Combing through fabric scraps at Creative Depot, I found a linen blend perfect for napkins/toweling. It’s durable though (read: rough on your skin), and requires washing to soften up and use as napkins. 7 napkins/towels were made for less than $5 worth of fabric. Sigh, I love the Creative Depot.

In other news, I've been making plans to change this blog layout a bit. Spiffy it up by simplifying. Let's see how long it takes me to complete that!