Jun 18, 2013

Pattern: My own. I drew inspiration from two sources: a Japanese knitting book, and the Speckled Hatfrom Hetterson’s collaboration with Frolic.

Materials: Madelinetosh hand dyed yarn, bulky weight. I really love this stuff; the colors are gorgeous! But, the yarn itself has an unusually unpleasant smell, a residual from the dye bath perhaps? It's the one (and only) thing that I dislike about this yarn.
The white yarn is from Sue Reuser's sheep less than 200 miles from here. It's also lovely to work with, traveling through my fingers very softly off the needles.

This hat was a speedy knit since the yarn is fairly bulky. It turned out smaller than I would like;  I intend on giving this one away, and making myself another big enough to comfortably cover my ears and not ride up during windy bike rides. The green Madelinetosh yarn above is what I intend to use for the second attempt at this hat. 

Doesn't my blue hat look like a true result of what would happen if the red speckled hat and green tree mitten made a baby?