Maui II

Jul 30, 2013 

I’m behind schedule! I bought these two cards from the Bailey House Museum on Maui. I like the contrast of the stoic Hawaiian woman next to the bright, smiling young girls (Samoan, although they sure look mixed! Quite possible since this photo was taken in 1935). 

The last few hundred years of Hawaiian history are rough, and frankly pretty sad. I learned more about the movement toward Hawaiian sovereignty during our vacation. If you'd like to read more on it yourself, I recommend Professor Haunani-Kay Trask's webpage for resources: 

Rolleicord Strap

Jul 22, 2013

This post is somewhat related to our Maui trip. :P 

Before we left for the island, I thought about bringing my Rolleicord (I opted to bring the DSLR instead, it's okay, next time Mr. Rollei!), and wanted to make a neck strap to maximize the comfort of the leather strap (Gordy’s). The navy wool felt is vintage, picked from the selection at Creative Depot. Man, I love that place.

Simply double layered the felt, made topstitching with white to stand out, and added two buttonholes with the help of my trusty buttonholer – I love using this device. It's very satisfying.
I report that the neck strap is a welcome accessory, and crucial to carrying the camera around for even a few minutes. The Rolleicord weighs about the same as my DSLR: heavy! 

Maui I

Jul 21, 2013 

Oh, Maui, how I miss you already. I miss these sunsets, the cheaper tropical fruit! 

I’m going to do multiple blog posts about my trip spread over a few Mondays, starting tomorrow. Haven't decided how many posts, but there will be at least three.