Rolleicord Strap

Jul 22, 2013

This post is somewhat related to our Maui trip. :P 

Before we left for the island, I thought about bringing my Rolleicord (I opted to bring the DSLR instead, it's okay, next time Mr. Rollei!), and wanted to make a neck strap to maximize the comfort of the leather strap (Gordy’s). The navy wool felt is vintage, picked from the selection at Creative Depot. Man, I love that place.

Simply double layered the felt, made topstitching with white to stand out, and added two buttonholes with the help of my trusty buttonholer – I love using this device. It's very satisfying.
I report that the neck strap is a welcome accessory, and crucial to carrying the camera around for even a few minutes. The Rolleicord weighs about the same as my DSLR: heavy!