Farewell Summer, Hello Strength

John Muir Woods, among the Redwoods and by the creeks that I love
Nasturtiums in progress, with Sennelier watercolors

Old China plates make wonderful paint palettes
I finally feel my life force returning to me. This summer has restored energy that seeped from me since last spring/summer. I’m finally feeling as healthy as I should be.

The rapid loss of energy has a lot to do with the fact that we bought our first house a little over one year ago. That whole process has been, and still is, a loud learning experience with high joys and also crushing stresses.

Our first year of home ownership in the freakin’ insane Bay Area market has been a radical flurry of activity as we remodeled, found housemates, and generally hustled. At some point of house remodeling and strained relationships, my body said, “Enough, please.”

For six months, from October 2014 to March 2015, my body was in the worst state it’s ever been. I wasn’t falling ill with terrible colds or the flu, but I experienced constant inflammation from stress and the fact that I became sensitive, even outright intolerant, of certain foods (e.g. cow dairy, sugary gluten-y pastries, etc).

The inflammation was experienced through headaches, insomnia, and horrible yeast infections among other symptoms. That’s right, let’s talk frankly about women’s health. Food sensitivities and stress caused me vaginal inflammation! What the hell? I never would have thought that was possible.

Thankfully, in March of this year, I cut dairy out of my life (not without reluctance. Good-bye butter, and ghee *tears*) and said, “NO THANKS” to invitations, engagements, extra jobs so that I could generally slow my life down. I replaced dairy fats with high quality coconut oil, lard, and olive oil. I took up Iyenger yoga at a wonderful studio, started swimming laps at the local pool, and also enrolled our household to a local farm, Full Belly Farm, for a weekly box of vegetables. I saw more of my loved ones between periods of rest. So much healthy goodness happened since March.

I’m proud that Cop and I own a home*, and that my health is being restored, but I’m overwhelmingly grateful and proud of our relationship. We’re doing it, we’re making it despite all the shitty stresses. This is our eighth year being together, growing up, and becoming adults, which is what we joke because we feel like giant kids most of the time. As summer fades and autumn comes around, I’m reflecting and feel immense gratitude for everything in my life, especially for all of the love, support, and strength of my partner. Thanks, Cop.**

Friends, listen to your bodies: work hard, especially when you have to, but rest fully, always oblige when your heart and mind say to stop. Modern life in cities is demanding, it doesn’t allow for patience. In order to build sustainable communities, we’ve got to nourish ourselves.

These books and resources have really helped me recover:
Nutrition in Essence, Sarah Bearden (one of my teachers at Ohlone Herbal Center)

Do you have any resources that you recommend concerning food sensitivities, or holistic health??

*I’m fully aware that buying a home in the cutthroat real estate market in the Bay Area is certainly no small feat, and definitely screams “privilege." Don’t misunderstand: we’re modest middle-income folks (I’m the poor one, with my environmental non-profit job), and we didn’t accomplish it all on our own. Although Cop and I saved up a bunch of money, we still had some help from our parents both financially and to help remodel the home. We found a house in a city right outside of Berkeley because we couldn’t afford anything in Berkeley. I’ll tell the story of our home acquisition another time!
**I also want to share our story another time. Soon!


  1. congratulations on getting healthy and sharing the artwork, I really enjoy the sincere creative images with the very adult-like milestones :)

  2. Ah!! Hello Meli and thank you for stopping by. I never would have known that your blog was back up and running if I didn't click on your profile link :O I thought you were taking an indefinite break! A belated welcome back, and I'm glad to be reading through your more recent posts B)


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