Coral Cave Contest Submission

French artists, Cécile Brun are Olivier Pichard, are the duo behind Atelier Sento. I came across their work when I searched for examples of watercolor artwork using Sennelier palette. Their work is so happy to look at!

This is my submission for their Coral Cave contest, ending on Jan 2nd.

It was tons of fun to create this mini 9cm x 9cm square, inspired by their game. I love that they required all submitted artwork to be done with traditional media only. 

First, a sketch!
In progress...
Final piece - wish it were cleaner. I'm slowly getting better with watercolor. Slowly.  
Close-up. Media: pencil, colored pencil, and Sennelier watercolors on Arches CP paper.
Oh yeah, Happy New Year! But for me, the real New Year doesn't begin until Lunar New Year rolls around. January 1st is usually the opportunity for me to clean out the home to get ready for Lunar New Year. :-) 

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