Kitty in Watercolor, August 2016

Trevor is a real sweetheart of a boy cat. He can be found at Oakland Cat Town Adoption and Cafe where he is currently in a foster home.

This medium continues to beguile me, despite the challenges of working with it. I appreciate my mistakes and keep a good attitude around failures (there are plenty of them)! :-)

Himalayan Blackberries Take Over

These sketchbooks from Pentalic are my favorite spiral-bound books for light wash watercolor work.

Himalayan blackberry is all over my yard and it's fortunately at a manageable amount - just have to trim off and uproot what I can. It'd be futile to attempt completely removing it. It's still inspiration for creative work.


"Happy 63rd Birthday Papa Bich"

Ayako really likes Shiba Inus and the ocean. 
Slowly painting and transforming the blank watercolor postcard pad I bought into greetings for family and friends.

I have a lofty goal to send out Lunar New Year/Tết (Viet New Year) cards, but we’ll see how far I make it :P