"Happy 63rd Birthday Papa Bich"

Ayako really likes Shiba Inus and the ocean. 
Slowly painting and transforming the blank watercolor postcard pad I bought into greetings for family and friends.

I have a lofty goal to send out Lunar New Year/Tết (Viet New Year) cards, but we’ll see how far I make it :P

Fibershed One Year One Outfit Challenge

I've never bothered with New Year's Resolutions, but this year I'm taking on the Fibershd One Year One Outfit challenge. The exact requirements  of the challenge can be read on This Is Moonlight's blog. Yokoso lives in Australia and started her challenge last year inspired by Rebecca Burgess, pioneer of the Fibershed movement. 

The gist of the challenge is:
- fiber (fabric or yarn, etc) must be farmed and processed within 500km (approx. 310mi) radius of your location
- all fibers must be natural
- any dyeing must be using non-synthetic, local and natural organic matter

I don't quite know what my outfit will look like yet, but I have plenty of ideas and options. I've already gotten my hands on local wool to make tights. I own some of Sally Fox's cotton fabric, and although milled in Japan, I can't not work with this stuff for the challenge. It's SO BEAUTIFUL! 

My ancestors likely wove and owned garments made with hemp maybe cotton, and the upperclass wore silk. My modern day, Northern-California-Livin' self prefers wool and cotton. 

One of the exciting things that I learned at the start of the year is how to spin yarn!!! Perhaps I can incorporate this skill into my Fibershed outfit!!?? I'm wildly in love with my spinning wheel: 

Built in 1972 by New Zealand maker, Philip Poore.
Made of Rimu New Zealand wood. She shined up nicely with Skidmore's Furniture Oil
My second time plying yarn. Notice its unevenness. Still, exciting!
Blue Face Leicester sheep wool, singles on bobbins ready to be plied
 When I get into a hobby, I really dive in as far as my time and wallet will allow LOL. I believe that I've gone off the deep end this time. By chance, Carleen, a farmer, at the Saturday Farmers' Market offered some raw fleece from her dairy Friesian sheep (EDIT to add: Weirauch Farm). She normally sells these by the pound, but wanted to make space in her barn and was giving this beautiful fleece away. Their cheese is delicious and I highly recommend stopping by their stand at the market. 

With zero hesitation, I hand combed through her bag and took a large paper bag home. I'm SO excited to clean this using the Fermentation Suint Method. I collected gallons of rainwater and will allow this wool this sit in the precious water, to clean itself, and possibly stink up my yard. Like I said, I've gone off the deep end. 

Friesian sheep, raw fleece I was gifted at Farmers' Market, from Weirauch Farm and Creamery
Pungent sheep smell....I love it!
Thanks for visiting! Gratuitous photo of moi, bathing in California sun and coast.
What project(s) are you working on this year?