I Can't Mix Creativty + Deadlines

YES! Deviled egg plates make a perfect watercolor paint holder.
Secret Valentine's Welsh Terrier ;)
Knit swatches of my spun yarn; note the improvement :P
Anyone else have a meddling kitty?? Dude, I need to finish those handkerchiefs.
Turn it into a photo op! Happy New Year again :)
I would make a terrible freelance artist/creator. Things would fall to the wayside, nothing would get accomplished on time! I don’t like to rush or push creativity (don’t worry: I’m a diligent employee, at my desk job HAH).

Yet, last year I was drawn to the Secret Valentine’s Exchange that blog writers Sanae and Ute put together. I love sending snail mail as much as I love receiving it. Us 90’s kids are probably the last generation to enjoy snail mail on a wide, common scale. 

 I don’t give a hoot about the commercial holiday that is Valentine’s, but this was an opportunity to have a little fun with the international Internet creative community. 

Like my partner last year, my secret Valentine’s recipient is a dog lover. Her family’s pup was lots of fun to draw and paint! I have a few other little goodies to put together and mail off. Unfortunately, I’m gonna miss the deadline (UGggghh), because my recipient is overseas (I’m so sorry!!!). I can post her painting here since she likely won’t be reading my blog before she gets this ;) 

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