All That the Rain Promises

Oooohhh, unidentified. Questionable Stropharia? 
Peziza spp.
Yay, fungi in the yard, outdoors!
Fungi in my bedroom. On our bed frame. NOT cool or fun or healthy for my weakling human lungs!
Ack! Ick! Bleeegh. 

The wonderful rain has brought more moisture, beyond what my house ever had in the two years since we've lived here.

Our home is ill-suited for all of the moisture because I've revealed mildew problems in my bedroom before: last year, the one straw hat I own had green mildew growing on it. Luckily, my felted wool hat that sat on top had nary a mold spot. I took the straw hat outdoors, and covered my nose and mouth while I brushed off all the green mildew, sprayed with a diluted alcohol solution and let it bake in the sun. The straw hat bounced back from that and hasn't had another problem.

This recent incident, however, has resulted in much larger area of mildew. I found it growing on the cast iron legs of my sewing machine table! Wuuut?! Gross! On the bottoms of some straw baskets, into some wool skeins, sewing notions, and on my mattress. *

That was the worst bit. I went to bed one evening with an allergic reaction and no clue what was causing it. My nose dripped non-stop, my throat was itchy. My immune system went south, and I even got an eye infection (basically, I got pink eye) last weekend. There's no such thing as a "safe" level of mildew/mold because every single person has different tolerances for it. My partner, for example, has been fine. He's continued to sleep in our bedroom while I retreated to our living room.

Fungi, I have so much respect and fear for you! You range from the delicious chanterelles, boletes to the fearsome molds/mildews.

I actually have to stay home from work today :-( because I still, a week later, feel crappy from my symptoms and I also need to tackle the mildew again. I can't remember the last time I wanted a baking hot sunny day; I need it now more than ever so the sun can help me nuke all our belongings!

Wish me luck cleaning all of this. Have you ever dealt with mold in the home before? What measures did you take to prevent it?

*To clean the mildew this time, I bought a trademarked mixture of washing soda, trisodium phosphate. The product is called Concrobium, and is non-toxic. Can be found at local home improvement store. I also employed the vacuum, baking soda, and lots of ventilation to dry everything indoors. COME BACK SOON, SUN.

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