Cowls Are Da Bomb

Pattern created by designer Ángela Gómez Ortega; this pattern is wonderful! You can find more information about it here.

Yarn: Kauni 8/2 and Acadia
Wool, baby alpaca, and some silk
Needles: size 6, dpn and 40cm circular

Took me about four days to knit the first one (warm tones), and the second came much faster. I knit two cowls to use up the one ball of yarn as much as I could although there's still about a tennis ball size of it left. I would have loved it if one cowl had the entire range of the rainbow's colors, but on the bright side I now have two beautiful cowls with either warm or cool tones to choose from! This Estonian yarn has unmatched rainbow gradient. It makes my inner 90's kid self so happy to look at.
Doesn't it remind you of fruit roll-up candy?!

Moss Words

For a dear friend. Did some thumbnails, made a draft sketch with graphite pencil, then used colored pencil for final lettering (freehanded). Painted with Japanese watercolor set: Kuretake Gansai Tambi