Moss Words

For a dear friend. Did some thumbnails, made a draft sketch with graphite pencil, then used colored pencil for final lettering (freehanded). Painted with Japanese watercolor set: Kuretake Gansai Tambi


  1. that's very pretty jeannie, watercolor is so consistently magical. i like how the green tones merge into yellows. hope your end of year is going well, also love your cat post and the race one.
    what a tremendous year, we (almost) made it ... sigh to the upcoming new year 2017.

    lots of energy and art adventures to you cyber friend =] <3 xxom.

    1. Meli!!! Good to hear from you, thx for writing; I jus realized for some reason my reader (Feedly) didn't notify me of any of your more recent blog posts! Likewise, too, wishing you a healthy, vibrant 2017 as we gear up for what/s must be a very interesting and (difficult) time!!!


Thank you for taking time to for write me! :)