Taking It Easy

This is my desk "cleared" for the first time in almost a year. Cat is appreciative. 

Thank you, Target store, for the all-metal and easy-to-assemble cart - now I have to place to store all my art sh*t!

"It is important to give yourself both space and permission to rest and relax during these dark, cold and rather long winter months. I often feel that people's need to measure their productivity can get in the way of their need to rest and rejuvenate." - Brittany Wood Nickerson, The Herbal Homestead Journal

Plug for Brittany's book: Get it!! Published in 2015, this journal is a compilation of a monthly publication she gave toward a fresh herb CSA in M.A. back in '12. The idea is for community folks/members to, "get monthly wisdom, reminders, and teachings that would help them to live with the seasons, practice herbal medicine at home, and gain inspiration and empowerment for self care." Get this journal here and here.

In the dead of winter, the soil is actually a very busy time; microbes, bacteria, and fungi are all incredibly active despite the calm surface (or despite being buried beneath snow). Our human energy runs a similar way, I believe, and in these winter months our outward selves should be quieter, perhaps declining the extra parties and gatherings, opting instead to stay indoors and at home. We should remain inside more, but be active with our inner dreams and reflections, planning for the year ahead!

To be completely transparent, this is the first winter that I actually followed this advice and exercised my "No, thank you," muscle more than I was even comfortable with. It's a good thing I don't mind if I miss out on things. The holiday season is when *everyone* wants to hang out! Friends and I would try to defer by saying, "Let's catch up in January when this busy-ness blows over," yet here we are in the middle of the first month of the year and I'm still in hermit mode. I've got to say: hermit mode is FANTASTIC. I am borderline extrovert and introvert, so I need a balance.

Wishing everyone a good, strong week. Boyfriend and I are celebrating our 9 year anniversary. We are a non-fussy couple, and usually do a quiet restaurant evening out, minus gifts and fluff. On Saturday I will be joining one of the many Women's Marches. Are you making it out to one? Stay safe, stay strong!


  1. Hey, happy anniversary! I totally hear you about the making time...it's something I actually have to say out loud once I register myself getting into a production frenzy, I.E., fretting over how much I want to get done on the weekends vs what I can realistically accomplish, along with having downtime.

    I'll be at the Oakland march! Too late to send pink hats to D.C., but am going to try to make several before Saturday if time allows...

    1. Good idea! I was wondering what I could bring because it's going to be likely wet/rainy so wearing a t-shirt won't do since it'll be under my jacket and bringing a paper posterboard will result in a mushy sign. But wearing a pink HAT is *thumbs up* Hope to see you among the crowds! I think it's going to be awesome despite the weather.


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